Clients who book travel through Axis Travel Centre are given protections under our unique “SECURITY UMBRELLA” ©* Protection Package

This package includes the SAFI [Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance] coverage that protects you in case of the financial failure of an Airline, repaying you for your paid ticket cost.** Additionally, this protection package includes  Professional Indemnity Insurance plus our adherence to legal standards required via our accreditations with AFTA, ATAS, CLIA, ETG and CRUISECO ,complimented with over 42 years of expertise and experience Any bookings not made via Axis Travel Centre but via another Agency, Airline, Hotelier, Operator, Cruise, website or any other source are not protected by our SECURITY UMBRELLA©* protection package.

# As at July 2021 , NO Airline offers this SAFI protection if you booked travel with them direct. We remain the only travel agent in South Australia offering the full benefits of SECURITY UMBRELLA©*  protection package.

 What happens in the event of losses due to Airline insolvency? **

We assist with your ticket claims on your behalf, less a small service fee*.

What payment method is acceptable to purchase Airline tickets?

Any cleared funds via cash, cheque, Bank transfer or credit or charge cards. If SAFI protection claim is activated, refunds are processed within q few weeks, less a small service fee*. Only SAFI approved airlines that appear via our  website listing which is updated regularly are protected. Ask us at time of booking, to be sure.

 What happens in the event of losses due to Supplier or Cruise collapse? Whilst nothing can be guaranteed, , we suggest that prior to paying any monies, you accept our advice to consider any tour company , cruise or other relevant suppliers schemes or conditions in addition to various  travel insurers clauses that  may assist you in case of financial defaults .

PLEASE NOTE: Our free SECURITY UMBRELLA© protection package is not a replacement for full comprehensive Travel insurance.

 Do I still need a comprehensive Travel Insurance policy?

Yes. You still need a separate comprehensive travel insurance policy.

We are qualified to quote from the Insurers that we use, using our decades of claims experiences, to allow you to make an informed choice.

It remains your choice to compare and decide upon the best policy for yourself and family, after reading each relevant PDS (Product Disclosure Statement). We do suggest not to purchase inferior or cheap insurance nor rely of the purported “free” credit card policies. In our experience , the ability for an Insurer to quickly respond to you and pay claims is more important than a policy cost, especially if emergencies erupt or if there is a major health scare, an evacuation or a travel supplier collapses.

 What is the best way to pay for to protect overall travel bookings? *

Using a credit/charge card for travel we book remains the best choice (even if a Merchant fee applies!) as this may allow you the ability to ask your card provider to “chargeback” what you paid, if they allow this.*Airline, supplier and Axis fees and conditions apply to all bookings made.

What guarantees or monitoring levels are there with Axis Travel Centre ?
Nobody can give any traveller 100% protection of all monies paid, as we do not control the finances of who we deal with, so we only use “preferred suppliers” and Airlines on our special SAFI AIRLINES COVERED list that encompasses most, if not all, Airlines our clients ask for anyway. This SAFI AIRLINES list can change at any time. Definitive Airlines covered by us is available from our Agency in writing when you wish to ask to ensure website data is correct please.
Axis Travel Centre works within Australian and International industry codes , and we use our privy industry contacts and information services via IATA, AFTA, ATAS, ABTA, ASTA, TAANZ, ASATA and multiple Government departments to “sense” who may be having financial difficulties and we will advise you that we either do not recommend or will not book an Airline or supplier . We try and not get clouded by marketing hype and gimmicks. Our professional advice and placement of your monies with your travel plans are important elements that we prefer not to compromise.


We offer clients our FREE IPP-SAFI [Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance] Policies in addition to abiding by the official standards of our accreditation’s with AFTA, ATAS, CLIA and CRUISECO and other professional credentials which began in 1978.
# As of  October 2021 we remain the only travel Agency in South Australia extending the protection via the IPP-SAFI [Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance] against Airline collapse.

NOTE re: TRAVEL INSURANCE : Under the current CoronaVirus climate, NO INSURER we are aware of will protect you as a Worldwide Pandemic has been announced and in many cases Travel insurance as of July 2021 have been  suspended from sale. This means also that most if not all clauses are invalid to claim against- so DO NOT TRAVEL if you think Insurance is required.
Any bookings, not made via Axis Travel Centre but via another Agency, Airline, Hotelier, Operator, Cruise website or any other source are not protected by our IPP-SAFI [Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance] insurance protections.

PLEASE NOTE :You still need a separate comprehensive Travel insurance policy for such areas of baggage claims, theft, medical, injury, illness, car rental etc coverage’s . We can advise and issue. Ask us.